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About us

About Us

The Company

Founded in 2018, our team consists of distinguished professionals, supported by world class product and spare parts providers. To achieve the main purpose of “Keeping the high availability on client’s need for maintenance for their construction equipment part and power system”.

The Vision

Providing full support for customer’s high availability in construction equipment part and power system, let us help you concentrate on your main business.

The Mission

To be the leading provider of cost‐effective in maintenance of Heavy Equipment and Power System.

The Capabilities

Quality Parts & Products Provider

As your parts & products provider for complete Machine / Engine maintenance and minor repair by using our distinct concept of altering best possible products with same quality and warranty.

Supporting Products

We are also provide you with inline supporting products to support you conduct your business more smoothly towards your business goals.

Our Products

We provide a high quality products, including in-house servicing and on-site repair. All serviced units are tested to its design working pressure, ready to use before delivery to our customers.



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